Video Preview & Betting Tips, the FREE sports betting portal, designed and developed by eGaming Consulting has launched a page for its Google+ Hangouts. These video previews and betting tips will become a regular addition to the site and it is the intention that registered users will also be able to contribute regularly.

Upcoming Hangouts will include previews to the English Premier League 2013/14 as well as other major football leagues and the US Open Tennis.

EGC writes for iNTERGAME blog - Mobile: Be the best, not the first Mobile Gaming has been a key topic at conferences for the past 3/4 years.

We (gambling sectors enthusiast) have long spoken about it, we sagely nodded our heads and waited for something to happen. Technology was probably the last barrier which has now come down and means a mobile experience can be equal to the expectations we have for the "user experience".

Most people have at least one mobile, in many cases some sort of smart device (in my case mine is definitely smarter than me, it wakes me up, puts me to sleep, keeps track of what I eat etc.) a daily companion to the many challenges we face, a confidant that logs our high and lows. Playing free games is already one of the most performed activities of most mobile users, casino games and poker should by right be next...

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InstaDeal’s FREE Poker Demo!

InstaDeal have just launched their FREE, yes that’s right FREE, poker Demo for their hugely popular fast online poker platform. Simply join a table and if you decide to fold your hand you are automatically moved table, no more waiting for games to end. Why not give it ago, here?


Sometimes we are defined by the choices we make. We often set an example for others to follow. Well, it may seem kind of offbeat but that is how we need to deal with the world. The city that never sleeps at night in the world is Las Vegas and it is most famous for the casino and poker

The casino freaks have a good news who are normally Polish. Well, the good news is that the Century Casinos, Inc. are opening a branch in the beautiful city of Warsaw. This is a great step in spreading the money-making gaming table and the slot machines

It has been announced that esports bookmaker Unikrn is going to acquire LEET. The latter deals with helping casinos manage their esports tournaments. Kingsley Edwards, founder and CEO of LEET, acclaimed the deal which he believes will boost Unikrn's growth during 2017.

Betswaps, a one-of-a-kind marketplace for sports betting advice, has launched Swoopers, an innovative app that offers real-time market movers in horse race betting. Every year punters in Australia spend over $17 billion on horse racing, and a range of sports betting tools relying on cloud computing are available to provide the betting community with relevant information about placing odds.

Dash, the fifth most valuable digital currency by market cap, has collaborated with Irish discount card platform BitCart to provide users with online savings of up to 20% at Amazon, and soon, Currently, the total market cap of Dash stands at $528 million.

In an effort to crack down on online gambling, the Australian government has adopted a new set of regulations, one of which is prohibiting online gambling operators from offering different sign-up incentives to attract customers. Lines of credit will also become illegal under the new regime.

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague, a noteworthy event dedicated to virtual currencies and blockchain technologies, will be hosted by Prague on May 19. Recognized members of the digital currency community, blockchain service providers and decentralized economy proponents will be on the speakers and guests' lists.

Pennsylvania House's Gaming Oversight Committee passed a state legislation bill that lets casinos offer sports betting in case the federal ban on the activity is lifted. The proposal, which encompasses professional and collegiate sports events, parlays, pools and straight bets, is to be up for a vote in the House.

The Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort in D'Iberville, Mississippi, is proud to offer the Big Slicks $30,000 Guaranteed event. It will take place between May 11 - 14 and will be hosted by the gambling establishment manager Karen Kaegin.

The Realistic Games Ltd. suite is already available on Mr Green Casino's NYX OGS Platform. The announcement of the launch was made by Andy Harris, CEO of Realistic Games. According to him, the gambling parlor is recognized as a renowned casino brand on the market, and his company is pleased to offer its products such as slots, blackjack and roulette there.

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